- Handmade - Materials: crazy lace agate nuggets, cuprite, chrome tourmaline/vesuvianite, rosewood and sterling silver - Sterling silver findings/components - Approximately 32” - Ready to ship in 1-2 business daysSilly me, I labeled the green accent stones as vesuvianite in my inventory, but I think they’re actually my chrome tourmaline.  Either way, they’re genuine, high-grade gemstones like all my jewelry.  What can I say?  I must have inhaled too many solder fumes that day....(((wink)))This isn’t just a gorgeous eyeglass chain and lanyard; it’s an elegant necklace.  Wear it 3 different ways!!!Note: Due to differences in monitor resolutions, colors may appear slightly different in person.  I do my best to accurately portray the color and size of each item.The rubber and metal ball attachments are not sterling.  These are stock eyeglass chain attachments.  All other components, including the handmade ring are sterling silver. The item photographed is the exact item you will receive.Natural stones may contain minor surface nicks, scratches and/or inclusions.

OOAK “Abundance” 3-in-1 Gemstone Eyeglass Chain/Lanyard/Necklace